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Ready-to-eat meals

Tips from our Pomfresh chef Dunja


"With our ready mixes featuring potatoes, you can serve a tasty, balanced, complete meal that’s vegan too. Moreover, they are easy to prepare!

Our ‘world cuisine’ potato dishes can be cooked in different ways. You can serve your guests a warmed-up meal of the highest quality with the greatest of ease!

If you are a fan of the microwave, you will have a tasty, complete meal ready within 3 to 4 minutes. Pierce a few holes in the top seal (this can be done with a fork), place the dish in the microwave and heat it up (at 750 W for 3 min 30 sec to 4 min and at 900 W for 3 min to 3 min 30 sec). Let the dish ‘rest’ for 30 seconds to 1 minute before opening it. Stir it, and you’re done! You can serve the mix on a plate or simply eat it from the dish. The choice is yours. Bon Appetit!

If you are not so keen on the microwave, there is always the (convection) oven. Put the ready meal in an oven-proof dish and place it in the oven. Heat it at 180°C for 18 to 20 minutes. Stir halfway through the cooking time. At the end of the cooking time, add some (olive) oil if desired and give the mix a final stir before serving. 

Do you have a combi oven? Put the ready-to-eat potato mix in an oven-proof dish and place it in the oven. Heat the mix at 300 to 350 W and 180°C for 12 to 14 minutes. Stir halfway through the cooking time and at the end. If desired, sprinkle with some (olive) oil.

A final option is pan-frying. This is a little less convenient because you’ll have to do some washing up. Moreover, our ‘American’ mix is less suited to this method because the sweet potato turns to mash when stirred frequently. But this method can certainly be used for the ‘Provençal’, ‘Indian’ and ‘Mexican’ mixes. Heat a little (olive) oil in the pan and add the contents of the package. Heat everything on medium heat for 5 to 6 minutes. Stir regularly. Plate up the meal and serve it."

Bon Appetit!

Dunja De Marez
Innovation Manager

Potato dishes

The ideal solution

No time or desire to peel and cook potatoes? That’s no longer necessary with our potato dishes.

Take the peeled and pre-cooked potatoes out of the storage bag. Do you want to make a ready meal, a salad, a gratin or roasted potatoes? We offer the ideal solution for every dish, with plain or pre-seasoned potatoes.

Easy to prepare

Our small potatoes are ready to eat and can be added to a salad. Our potato slices are the perfect basis for a gratin.

Another possibility is frying them in the pan: put some fat in the pan, heat it, add the potatoes and stir regularly. You can enjoy them after only 5 minutes.
Do you prefer the oven? They are ready to be served after 25 minutes in an oven dish at 180°C.
The microwave is even easier: the potatoes are ready after 4 minutes at 750 to 900 W in a microwave-safe dish!
You don’t even have to look far during a summer BBQ. Put the potatoes in an aluminium tray and warm them up on the grill.

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Pomfresh is a brand of Warnez Potatoes

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