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Vegan, easy and sustainable

Ready-to-eat vegan meals or pre-cooked prepared potatoes: ready in a jiffy and delicious!

Worldly mixes


Complete meals based on potatoes. You can conjure the taste of the world on your plate in just a few minutes.

Very practical

Bourgondische aardappelblokjes
Halve krieltjes (spicy pepper)

No time to peel and cook potatoes? With our pre-cooked prepared potatoes, we offer you the ideal solution.

100% VEGAN: good for your health and the environment

Potatoes are naturally healthy and sustainable:

  • they are low in calories and carbohydrates compared to pasta and rice.
  • they contain no fats, gluten or cholesterol.
  • they would be a ‘superfood’ if they were discovered today.
  • they have a small ecological footprint compared to many other foods.

Our Pomfresh worldly mixes and prepared potatoes are the ideal basis for an extremely healthy and ecological meal.

Ready in just a few minutes

Do you want to prepare a tasty and balanced meal for a quick lunch or a cosy dinner? You don’t have to be a chef to spoil your housemates. Both our ready-to-eat mixes and our prepared potatoes are ready in no more than 5 minutes.
How do you prepare our Pomfresh delicacies? Simple: just heat them in the microwave or fry them in a pan and enjoy.

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Pomfresh is a brand of Warnez Potatoes

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